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AvoCurl Avocado Oil, 8 oz


This oil should be a staple in your hair care regimen. Packed with vitamins A, B, D and E, protein, amino acids, magnesium, iron, copper, folic acid and fatty acids, avocado oil helps fight dryness and is superb for protecting and preventing damage to the hair. Add avocado oil to your shampoo to treat dry itchy scalp. It’s not heavy enough for an ideal moisture sealant, but it keeps hair healthy, shiny and moisturized so always keep it around to help prevent damage and dryness.

AVOCURL Avocado Oil should be used daily or every other day depending on hair needs. If hair is in a protective style such as twists, braids or locs, apply the oil to roots daily to prevent itchiness and promote healthy hair growth.

This also is also great for the face. Nice and light and won't leave skin feeling greasy.

Ingredients: Avocado Oil

For external use only.
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